“The world is a fine place, and worth fighting for.”
Ernest Hemingway

Lurking just beneath the thin veneer of civilization and progress are the government conspiracies we secretly agonize over, the implacable evil that we secretly fear is real, and all of the truly terrifying monsters under the bed that we lie to our children about.

Modernity is our world. Replete with its tablet computers, smart phones, social networking, frou-frou coffees, and 24-hour faux news channels.

Modernity is indistinguishable, on the surface, from our everyday life, our onerous commute, and our mundane jobs, but… Modernity is your opportunity to face your fears deep down in the well of shadows and bring light into that darkness, or not… The tabloid headlines in Modernity are real… and written in blood. It’s up to you. Fight the Darkness!

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Fireballs. Lightning bolts. Armor of raw entropy. Swords of pure frost. Shields of thunder. Summoned elementals, demons, and devils. These are all stock-in-trade for a wizard. Do you have the Will required and the Lore necessary to master the eldritch arts of an elemental wizard?

As a wizard, only you can walk the weakening walls that guard our reality from the terrors beyond the veil.

It’s up to you… Fight the Darkness.

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From the dawn of time, humanity has been plagued by temptation. The oldest stories we still tell are of the tempter and the temptress.

Preying upon our weakness and our emotional natures, demons and devils continue to torment us, even more so because in our modern hubris we believe our rationality to have overcome such childish superstitions.

Demon-hunter, do you have the will and the skill to defend us from the terrors beyond the veil?

It is up to you. . . Fight the Darkness.

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Dr. Mae Wylde and her team ended an occult breach on the tiny island of Aunu’u in American Samoa three weeks ago. Dr. Wylde and her team returned safely from the Pacific Islands with the mysterious summoning stones believed to cause the breach. . .but the team has gone dark. They last checked in from Dr. Wylde’s home in Upper Peninsula Michigan.

As auxiliaries for Intervention Incorporated, your job is simple: Find the team. Assess the threat. End it.

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A collection of ambient, dark digital tracks that evoke the emotions and moods of the Modernity roleplaying game. The driving beat, insistent rhythms, and unexpected, experimental swings are a listen that will always keep you on edge and coming back for me. There’s a surprise on the other side of every transition!

This music is perfect, subtle background sound for any urban fantasy, horror, sci-fi, or cyberpunk game. . . Or any time you want to kick back and think dark thoughts without having your higher brain functions distracted by lyrics.

Modernity’s Dark Moods is the debut album of Ausgrave Royalty who are dedicated to producing fresh new sounds that come at you unexpectedly from out of nowhere and leave you wondering where their music has been all your life.

All nine tracks will make you feel emotions like you’ve never experienced.

  1. Bite (2:43)
  2. Resurrections (4:36)
  3. Murder in A Flat (2:45)
  4. Devil’s Smile (3:14)
  5. The End of All Things (2:37)
  6. A Night in the Dystopian Cafe (4:45)
  7. A Light in the Darkness of Misery (3:05)
  8. Vengeance (2:59)
  9. Life Goes On (3:26)

mp3 available at: DriveThruRPG | iTunes | Xbox Music | Amazon MP3


The Coordinator’s Toolkit contains the Game Briefing Sheet (front & back), the Hero Briefing Sheet (front & back), the Session Briefing Sheet (front & back), the Scene Briefing Sheet (front & back), and the Rules Briefing Sheet (front & back). Use them wisely.

It’s up to you as the coordinator to stay organized, focused, and on track with the story to enable the best possible (read: scariest) experience for your players all throughout the game, because. . .

It is up to your players to . . . Fight the Darkness.

The Coordinator’s Toolkit is available as a pay-what-you-want PDF at OneBookShelf and its sister sites to help you keep track of your game.


Your heroes require a record worthy of their deeds.

Keep track of your Modernity heroes interactively or in print using the companion interactive character sheet for Modernity (Fate Edition). This dual mode software product is available as a pay-what-you-want PDF at OneBookShelf and its sister sites to help you keep track of your heroes.

It’s up to you… Fight the Darkness.


If you have any questions, please email them to us and we’ll be more than happy to answer them!

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