I was hoping @RichardBranson would save us from #BroadwayInSpace.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on Sarah Brightman. (Much.) I love her idea and her passion (i.e. willingness to spend $52 million dollars to pull it off), but… I was just hoping the first professional musician to perform in space would be something more along the lines of a tune from Heavy Metal![…]

How do you digitize a ghost in Modernity?

On Tuesday, a playtest group taught me something new: It is entirely possible, with the right heroes, to take an existing ghost (you know, a post-death soul, a poltergeist, whathaveyou) and digitize her for posterity and for ease of investigation. The goal? Add clarity and brevity to the fading memories of the ghost in question[…]

I can’t even, either.

Clive Thomson driveled something on the internet today: It must be said: Lovecraft is not a great literary stylist. His prose is good, but not great. The one exception? This linguistic subgenre—the craft of finding new ways to say that he can’t say something. When Lovecraft does describe a monster straightforwardly, he often stumbles, defaulting[…]

One last laugh for John Pinette

One of my favorite comedians passed yesterday. John Pinette was one the few contemporary comedians that we could listen to with the kids when they were small on our 3,000-mile journeys across the fruited plain. His jokes are frequently retold at Fort Reed, and his humor greatly influenced our family culture. The world is a[…]

We used to get hate mail like this all the time.

In case you hadn’t noticed… We’ve moved. To Tejas. However, when we used to call the Seattle area home, we got letters like this from Puget Sound Energy (PSE) about every month. As near as we could figure, all of our neighbors were either retired couples who lived in Hawaii half the year or yuppies[…]