While you’re writing the end of the world, what should you listen to?

More hours a day than I should be, I’m banging away on a keyboard for you. One of the things that keeps me focused is great background music. I need powerful, inspirational tracks with no lyrics to move me. Maybe it’s my autism, but I can’t write with people singing in the background. At least[…]

The map is not the terrain

Regardless of which game you’re playing, adding a little visualization goes a long way. This means that you need to quit using that ratty vinyl mat or those battle-scarred plastic whiteboard sheets. You need to upgrade your game! You need to get yourself some reasonably priced, quality, custom terrain from my friends at Starforged Terrain.[…]

Peekaboo! What’s new in 2017 for you?

Where did 2016 go? I’m not sure about you, but I concur with Merriam-Webster’s selection of the word “surreal” as the correct choice of a single word to describe the past year. Wow. I need to have a word with the Head Writer in the Sky about sharks and jumping them. Geez. I won’t bore[…]

Help! I’m being repressed! #trademarkdispute @peakgames

Open letter in response to a hostile C&D shotgun email from a random company that I’ve never heard of about a trademark that they filed last year (eight years after we incorporated–welcome to the interwebz!). Maybe it’s the Irish in me. Maybe it’s the indie. But I’m having a hard time taking this seriously. Are[…]

#Movember came early. Until the novel is finished.

After Ramadan, I had the “bright” idea that I’d quit shaving until I finished this novel (The Seraphim Conspiracy). That was July. Now it’s August. In San Antonio. I really need to hurry up and finish this and send it to my editor before the weather (due to all the extra beardsulation) or my wife[…]

Running the Game: 15 Types of Villains

I won’t list them all here, since Ken does a great job of that in his blog post, 15 Types of Villains Screenwriters Need to Know. As a coordinator, dungeon master, game designer, or author, you’ve got villains romping around in your head. Certainly in Modernity and Starcrossed, as the coordinator, you’re the primary screenwriter[…]