A new hero enters the arena!

I do get to play from time to time, not just run play test games. I stoked to get to play today, too. Mack is running an adaptation of Venture City based in the One Punch Man universe set in San Antonio, Texas. Our first epic session last week involved rescuing a YouTube star’s kitty from a tree, being attacked by “super haters” and their dobermans, and foiling a robbery of a Valero Cornerstore by a “super hater” sympathizer intending to ambush us. [You can tell how seriously we take our gaming!]

In the spirit of excitement, I figured I’d share my character with you, because he’s the awesomest. No. Srsly. He’s all the good bits of Mumen Rider rolled into an All-American cybernetic package.

Prognos (a.k.a. Allan Small)

An unassuming, average looking fellow with brown eyes and brown hair cut in what will be the fashion next season. Dresses formally in suit and tie in what will be the next breakout designer’s look.

  • High Concept: Spoiler Alert!
  • Trouble: I brake for underdogs.
  • Prophet for Fun & Profit
  • All Six Degrees
  • A Techno-Wizard Is Never Late

Constructed as a government experiment to produce the perfect infiltration agent in the form of a human/AI hybrid, Allan arranged to have Project Prognos canceled as a dismal failure. Given a 10% medical discharge (because he causes headaches in others around him and he complains of mild arthritis due to the cyberwire installations), he is now an attorney (mostly pro bono) who works as a financial advisor (day-trader) for charities, community organizer (rabble-rouser and lobbyist) for several NGOs, political advisor to local campaigns (only liberty-minded candidates), and civil rights activist for libertarian causes–when he’s not saving puppies, getting kitties out of trees, or fighting crime. It’s the little distractions that keep him from going mad with boredom brought on by always knowing what other people are thinking as well as what’s going to happen next.

Refresh: 2


  • Basic Precognition (Defend against physical attacks with Notice)
    • Drawback: Always Looking to the Future, Never His Mind On Where He Is
    • Special Effect: Physical Recovery/You recover from all physical stress.
    • Special Effect: Mental Recovery/You recover from all mental stress.
    • Collateral Damage: Future Echoes/Everyone else attacks at -4 for the rest of the scene.
  • Master Precognition (Enhancement; +2 Notice to defend against physical attacks)
  • Basic Influence (Synergy; Attack Rapport vs. Will to force others to act as I chose.)
  • Basic Teleportation (Synergy; Move up to 3 zones in line of sight as an action.)
  • Basic Telepathy (Synergy; Use Notice to read surface thoughts and detect unfamiliar minds in my current or adjacent zones.)
  • Master Telepathy (Enhancement; +2 Notice when reading minds)
  • Basic Energy Blast (Synergy; You can fire a projectile of some sort–microwave laser, with a range of three zones, using Shoot.)
  • Basic Technology Theme (Cyberwire Implants along all neural and nerve pathways; Power Amplification/Nullification don’t work on me.)


  • Great (+4): Rapport
  • Good (+3): Shoot, Contacts
  • Fair (+2): Notice, Resources, Burglary
  • Average (+1): Lore, Stealth, Crafting, Investigate


New Release: The Summoning Stones (Fate Edition)

Dr. Mae Wylde and her team ended an occult breach on the tiny island of Aunu’u in American Samoa three weeks ago. Dr. Wylde and her team returned safely from the Pacific Islands with the mysterious summoning stones believed to cause the breach. . .but the team has gone dark. They last checked in from Dr. Wylde’s home in Upper Peninsula Michigan.

As auxiliaries for Intervention Incorporated, your job is simple:

Find the team. Assess the threat. End it.

The Summoning Stones is a briefing book for a Power Level 4 operation using Modernity (Fate Edition) and the core Modernity text is required to fully utilize The Summoning Stones. It is fully compatible with other Fate Core products. All minor variations are documented in the core Modernity book.

The Summoning Stones (Fate Edition) Cover

Child of Light: A pleasant surprise!

Image from Child of Light

I am not normally a fan of turn-based video games. Well, that’s saying it in a very politically sensitive fashion. Unless the game has X-COM in it’s name, I loathe turn-based games. I’m even less fond of platformers. When I saw that Ubisoft made it, I cursed them for not making the something to rival Mass Effect, Deus Ex, or Gears of War. (I could never get into Assassins Creed. Sorry. Great idea, though. Keep trying.)

Child of Light surprised me.

Because my brain was fried from too many hours editing Starcrossed in a desperate attempt to get it out the door in April 2015, I sat down in front of the Xbox One. Which was my first mistake, because nobody has made a game for the Xbox One that I really want to play since Tomb Raider (which incidentally has something in common with Child of Light). I should’ve just turned it off until Battlefront ships in December, but… I was fried.

Child of Light is a family-friendly, adorable, and unexpectedly (to me) fun game. I love the elemental soundtrack the most. Off to buy that next!

In a desperate need for mindless diversion, I picked up Child of Light while it was free for Xbox Live Gold members and unexpectedly fell in love with it. Damn you, Ubisoft! Knowing what I know now, I’d’ve paid full price for it. (I actually did that with Tomb Raider. I got it for free on the Xbox 360 with XBL Gold fully expecting to hate it, finished the game. Then promptly bought it on the Xbox One and finished it again, and then some.)

The game’s watercolor art style isn’t something I would normally be attracted to, even less its mode of play, but the silly-serious writing and the characters drew me in and hooked me. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the world and its story, especially the way that Aurora grows and matures during the story. [I even forgave Ubisoft the annoying JRPG-style press A to read every damn line of dialog. After about level 25.]

Yes, I have all of the achievements. No, I don’t have 100% completion of all the collectibles. Yet. I have to go back to editing Starcrossed first.

Wicked Temptations (Fate Edition) now available for #Modernity

From the dawn of time, humanity has been plagued by temptation. The oldest stories we still tell are of the tempter and the temptress.

Preying upon our weakness and our emotional natures, demons and devils continue to torment us, even more so because in our modern hubris we believe our rationality to have overcome such childish superstitions.

Demon-hunter, do you have the will and the skill to defend us from the terrors beyond the veil?

It is up to you to fight the Darkness.

Wicked Temptations contains rules for demonic possession, exorcism, demonic artifacts, and, of course, demons and devils of all types. Wicked Temptations is a must-have for all aspiring demon-hunters and exorcists.

Wicked Temptations is an expansion of the rules in Modernity (Fate Edition) and the core Modernity text is required to fully utilize Wicked Temptations. It is fully compatible with other Fate Core products. All minor variations are documented in the core Modernity book.

Get Wicked Temptations now at OneBookShelf, DriveThruRPG, and RPG Now. Print editions will be available on Amazon and better games stores everywhere in a few days.