While you’re writing the end of the world, what should you listen to?

More hours a day than I should be, I’m banging away on a keyboard for you. One of the things that keeps me focused is great background music. I need powerful, inspirational tracks with no lyrics to move me. Maybe it’s my autism, but I can’t write with people singing in the background. At least not in a language I understand, but even those that I don’t seem to be a distraction. But amazing orchestral creations and lyric-free digital tunes are grand.

I recently came across Epic Score, and I love all their albums. Before I put the date/time and my starting word count into the spreadsheet and begin pounding away, I pick one of their collections and press PLAY.

Today, I am writing about heroes desperately trying to save the world. So which should I pick?

As you can imagine, Judgement Day has the perfect tunes.

Give ’em a listen on your favorite streaming service, then buy ’em all and leave ’em a great review.

Nothing encourages and motivates creatives like a little validation and a little monetary love.