While you’re writing the end of the world, what should you listen to?

More hours a day than I should be, I’m banging away on a keyboard for you. One of the things that keeps me focused is great background music. I need powerful, inspirational tracks with no lyrics to move me. Maybe it’s my autism, but I can’t write with people singing in the background. At least not in a language I understand, but even those that I don’t seem to be a distraction. But amazing orchestral creations and lyric-free digital tunes are grand.

I recently came across Epic Score, and I love all their albums. Before I put the date/time and my starting word count into the spreadsheet and begin pounding away, I pick one of their collections and press PLAY.

Today, I am writing about heroes desperately trying to save the world. So which should I pick?

As you can imagine, Judgement Day has the perfect tunes.

Give ’em a listen on your favorite streaming service, then buy ’em all and leave ’em a great review.

Nothing encourages and motivates creatives like a little validation and a little monetary love.

The map is not the terrain

Regardless of which game you’re playing, adding a little visualization goes a long way.

This means that you need to quit using that ratty vinyl mat or those battle-scarred plastic whiteboard sheets.

You need to upgrade your game!

You need to get yourself some reasonably priced, quality, custom terrain from my friends at Starforged Terrain.

Connect with them on Facebook and shop their Etsy store now.

It will make murdering those pesky player characters all that much more satisfying.

You’re welcome.

Peekaboo! What’s new in 2017 for you?

Where did 2016 go?

I’m not sure about you, but I concur with Merriam-Webster’s selection of the word “surreal” as the correct choice of a single word to describe the past year. Wow. I need to have a word with the Head Writer in the Sky about sharks and jumping them. Geez. I won’t bore you with diabetes, day jobs, and other drama—that’s what I pay my therapist and doctors for. Heh. And don’t even get me started about the U.S. election. . .

I have learned that being a part-time one-man band is both exhausting and impossible. I’ve found that I can produce about 1,000 words a day writing part-time when other things in life (day job, wife, kids, family, friends) don’t preempt my writing time. I’ve managed more than 1,000 words a day so far this year, but that’s just not enough at only 365,000 words per year because not every word can make it into print. Hence, in 2017, I’m looking to do two things to grow Glacier Peak Games:

  1. I’m going to endeavor to make this my fulltime gig and focus exclusively on writing and designing for you.
    • Having a supportive wife who is also a gamer is the only thing that could enable this (besides winning the lottery).
    • She’s been biggest blessing in my life for the past twenty-five years (our silver anniversary is coming up y’all!).
    • Having great customers like you makes that dream closer to a reality, too.
  2. I’m going to figure out how to grow my team and get some help.
    • This will improve my production values and speed things up without compromising quality.
    • Artists and fellow writers in my life, you know who you are, consider this your open invitation!
    • Let’s do this. Together.

I missed some deadlines last year. OK, more than some. I’m sorry! I hope you’ll forgive me and we can move on into a much better year together now. Enough of that. Now on to what’s coming!

Thank you for hanging in there with me!

David Reed david@glacierpeakgames.com

My Promise to You

I will protect your investment in my games. If you have bought anything digital from me in the past through OneBookshelf and its sister properties (DriveThruRPG, RPGnow, etc.), you will get any upgraded versions free this year. I can’t afford to give away print copies, but, in my opinion, revised editions and 2.0 versions shouldn’t cost you anything extra in digital form.

That means that if you buy the PDFs of the Modernity bundle, the Starcrossed bundle, or any of their pieces parts between now and when Modernity Revised edition or Starcrossed 2.0 are published, you’ll receive the matching upgraded version from me for free. Automatically. You won’t have to do anything. I’ll just send it to you through OneBookshelf and its sister properties.

Coming in 2017. . .for You

If you left a review or sent me feedback by email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or wherever, thank you—I’ve heard you and I’m incorporating it as I work this year. After all, these games are for you. Tell me what you love, what you want, and what’s not working.

Aggressive Playtesting

Having two bi-weekly, face-to-face playtest groups has really helped develop and refine the experience I want to share through my games and fiction. I am supremely grateful to you who participate in those groups. You playtest heroes have not suffered in vain! Because I learn so much that’s valuable (and have so much fun with you), time-permitting, I am planning to add a weekly or biweekly virtual playtest game through Roll20. Watch Roll20 for the announcement there.


The big highlights for 2017 are going to be:

  • New Art
    • A new art style for each product line to distinguish them from each other and set them apart from everything in the marketplace.
    • All of the art for each product line will be replaced with an upgraded look and feel.
  • Print Editions
    • Print editions on OneBookshelf and its sister sites for everything I publish there.
    • Amazon and CreateSpace are fine as far as they go, but nothing I’ve published there in the RPG space has sold enough to make them worth the hassle.
    • You asked for PDFs and print in the same place. I heard you. It’s coming.
  • Rules Upgrade
    1. Revised editions of both Modernity and Starcrossed will be released this year.
    2. Streamlined rules
    3. No duplication of Fate Core content
    4. Expanded, enhanced, and upgraded content, including all new complete starter campaigns
  • New D20 Rules
    • D20 rules for both Modernity and Starcrossed will (finally!) be released so that you can play with the rules you prefer, if you’re a d20 aficionado.
  • Modernity Novels
    • The novels that I have been writing for far too long will be hitting the presses everywhere you expect to find and read great books, including DriveThruFiction.
    • The first book in the Seraphim Invasion series for Modernity, The Seraphim Premonition, is DONE and in the editing phase. I’m going to ship it off to my fantastic editor, Phil Athans, on Monday 06 February 2017.
    • The next two books are outlined with thousands and thousands of (unedited) words already written for The Seraphim Prophecy and The Seraphim Conspiracy.
    • My commitment is to get all three written, edited, and published this year.
    • Yeah, I know—but a guy’s gotta have goals!
    • Expect The Seraphim Premonition during or before July, and The Seraphim Prophecy in time for Halloween 2017.
    • The remaining books in the series may have to wait until 2018.
  • New Fantasy World
    • An all new high fantasy world called Wuldorstrond (first conceived and playtested in 2008 and incrementally developed since then) will be released for Fate, d20, and D&D 5e simultaneously.
    • I would love to ship them in time for my birthday in November, but no promises! That’s why it’s on the list of Targets of Opportunity.
    • I’m excited to finally get to share this world, its characters, and its stories with you.
Modernity (Fate Edition): A Contemporary Occult Noir Roleplaying Game
Starcrossed (Fate Edition): A Roleplaying Game in Humanity's Uncertain Future

May 2017

  • Modernity Revised (Fate Edition)
  • Modernity Accessories (Fate Edition)
  • Modernity Revised (d20 Edition)
  • Modernity Accessories (d20 Edition)

July 2017

  • The Seraphim Premonition (novel)

September 2017

  • Starcrossed 2.0 (Fate Edition)
  • Starcrossed 2.0 Accessories (Fate Edition)
  • Starcrossed 2.0 (d20 Edition)
  • Starcrossed 2.0 Accessories (d20 Edition)

October 2017

  • The Seraphim Prophecy (novel)

Targets of Opportunity

  • The Seraphim Conspiracy (novel)
  • Beyond the Veil [Modernity Fate Edition]
  • Beyond the Veil [Modernity d20 Edition]
  • Atlas of the Grand Empire [Starcrossed Fate Edition]
  • Atlas of the Grand Empire [Starcrossed d20 Edition]
  • Wuldorstrond (Fate Edition)
  • Wuldorstrond (5e Edition)
  • Wuldorstrond (d20 Edition)
  • Wuldorstrond Accessories (Fate Edition)
  • Wuldorstrond Accessories (5e Edition)
  • Wuldorstrond Accessories (d20 Edition)