Running the Game: 15 Types of Villains

I won’t list them all here, since Ken does a great job of that in his blog post, 15 Types of Villains Screenwriters Need to Know.

As a coordinator, dungeon master, game designer, or author, you’ve got villains romping around in your head. Certainly in Modernity and Starcrossed, as the coordinator, you’re the primary screenwriter for the game. Which one’s your favorite type of villain?

Mine? Probably a toss up between the Corrupted or the Equal. Although, I think I’m about to write a new one about a Femme Fatale. And maybe mix in a little of the Supernatural, too. Surprise!

Revised publication calendar for 2016

Over the past couple of years of publishing, I’ve learned a few things about how rapidly I can produce new products. With that in mind, I’ve gone over my massive wish list of items to publish in 2016 with my editor-in-residence and partner-in-crime. Taking her advice, and my painfully learned lessons to heart, I’ve settled on my publishing goals for 2016.

There will be at least six new products this year for Modernity and Starcrossed, with about one released every other month. I’m excited to dust off the blood magic rules for Modernity and playtest a revised version.

The one project that I am most excited about is my first full length novel, The Seraphim Conspiracy, which features the four characters found in the core Modernity book. My faithful group of beta readers have already workshopped through the first half of the novel with me, and feedback has been gratifying. It’s long overdue, but it’s coming! The Seraphim Conspiracy is the first book in a planned series of seven novels featuring Shannon O’Malley, Roberto Moreno, Grace Xú, and Grant Anderson in a desperate, clandestine war to stop an insidious evil from beyond the veil.

In order to do justice to the other planned product lines, Dunjun Krawl and Wuldorstrond (among other things) will continue to be developed in private playtests, but are unlikely to see the light of day until 2017. Sorry!

In the meantime, you can look forward to:

Necromancer’s Menagerie [Modernity (Fate Edition)] now playing. . .

If you’re in San Antonio and looking for a new game to join, the “Necromancer’s Menagerie” [Modernity (Fate Edition)] is running at Tabletop Games. Budapest will never be the same.

The writings of an ancient necromancer often referred to as the Dachau Diary has resurfaced. The Diary has rarely made an appearance since the final days of World War II. This time it’s in Budapest. For the safety of civilization as we know it, the Diary must be removed from circulation immediately.

The Diary was recovered from Dachau during the liberation by a team of American commandos. A summary of its contents was recorded in the SLATE CONGRESS files which were declassified in 1979 by the Carter Administration. In addition to black divination, corpse reanimation, and demon summoning and binding spells, the Diary is believed to contain at least one mass casualty portal ritual. The summary of the ritual suggests that it uses the power of hundreds or thousands of mortal souls to tear open the veil, giving the caster access to another dimension. A dimension that sounds very much like Sheol from its description.

An anonymous party offered the Diary for sale through ivory_tower, an occult black market auction site on the dark web. Because the auction was by invitation only, Intervention Inc. arranged for the successful purchase of the Diary via a winning bid through a cutout buyer who is known in the ivory_tower community. The buyer just reported a successful transaction and readiness to transfer the Diary.

Your job is simple. All you have to do is. . . Fly to Budapest. Find the buyer. Get the Diary. Fly home.

Piece of cake.


We’re currently playing on Tuesday evenings, but we’re open to shifting days. . .just for you.

Modernity Fate Core Edition 72dpi Cover

New Release: The Summoning Stones (Fate Edition)

Dr. Mae Wylde and her team ended an occult breach on the tiny island of Aunu’u in American Samoa three weeks ago. Dr. Wylde and her team returned safely from the Pacific Islands with the mysterious summoning stones believed to cause the breach. . .but the team has gone dark. They last checked in from Dr. Wylde’s home in Upper Peninsula Michigan.

As auxiliaries for Intervention Incorporated, your job is simple:

Find the team. Assess the threat. End it.

The Summoning Stones is a briefing book for a Power Level 4 operation using Modernity (Fate Edition) and the core Modernity text is required to fully utilize The Summoning Stones. It is fully compatible with other Fate Core products. All minor variations are documented in the core Modernity book.

The Summoning Stones (Fate Edition) Cover