777 Writer’s Game

Thank you, Chance Maree, for including me in this game of tag. The prompt is to “post 7 lines from a page number ending in 7 from one of my works-in-progress, as well as tag 7 other authors to participate in the game.” Not a problem. My novel-in-progress is THE SERAPHIM CONSPIRACY. “Well, that’s hardly sporting,”[…]

Lesson Learned: Don’t rely on operating system fonts and plug-ins from tiny companies!

Pardon me while I vent (hypocritically) for a moment. [I’m a parent of teens. I’m qualified both to vent and be hypocritical. At the same time.] As a software developer at a product company who shall remain nameless, I always pooh-poohed the lamentations of end-users about upgrade pain. It was much harder to write the software and[…]

Welcome home! Same as the old home. Except better.

Welcome home! Same as the old home. Except it’s in a different place, a better place, a happier place. Not quite as far as the last move or two, but still… A month ago, I [apparently] decided that it would be a good idea to: Buy a new home out in the Texas hill country. Pack[…]