Starcrossed will be delayed less than one month.

It is with much regret that I inform you of the unfortunate delay of the release of Starcrossed. I’m sorry! After a detailed, all-day review of the current state of the product, both art and content, I have decided to slide the release into April 2015 (next month) in order to take the time needed[…]

Identity theft and bank fraud? Real life gives authors narrative lemonade.

Today is the umpteenth time I’ve been through this rigmarole to clean up after someone has stolen one of my card numbers. No telling which data compromise is to blame. Since this seems to be the “new normal” for a nontrivial portion of the population… It must be time to work it into a story![…]

I was hoping @RichardBranson would save us from #BroadwayInSpace.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on Sarah Brightman. (Much.) I love her idea and her passion (i.e. willingness to spend $52 million dollars to pull it off), but… I was just hoping the first professional musician to perform in space would be something more along the lines of a tune from Heavy Metal![…]

Wicked Temptations (Fate Edition) now available for #Modernity

From the dawn of time, humanity has been plagued by temptation. The oldest stories we still tell are of the tempter and the temptress. Preying upon our weakness and our emotional natures, demons and devils continue to torment us, even more so because in our modern hubris we believe our rationality to have overcome such[…]