Activities vs. Assets? What are you making with your time?

Val Cameron’s one of those people that I consider one of my mentors. We’ve never met in person, but I’ve listened to countless hours of his voice and watched equally countless hours of his video instruction. He seems to have been pretty successful in 3D art, or at least has me fooled. Heh. He blogged[…]

No scouting on the kindle for this #indiewriter

I’ve been thinking about this and kicking it around with peeps I know and trust, so I just went and re-read Amazon’s page describing how kindlescout works. I’ll pass. It’s all the work that I would do anyway to promote a novel. TWICE. Once to get people to vote for it and (if Amazon puts[…]

Keep your melodrama inside the game (or novel)

It’s a melodramatic read (PROFANITY WARNING), but this is an interesting write up of how a successful (read: hard work) grassroots (read: indie) marketing campaign might work. (I picked this up off of Scalzi’s twitter feed of all places.) About this time last year, GOD’S WAR, which had been out in the UK for a[…]