How do you digitize a ghost in Modernity?

On Tuesday, a playtest group taught me something new: It is entirely possible, with the right heroes, to take an existing ghost (you know, a post-death soul, a poltergeist, whathaveyou) and digitize her for posterity and for ease of investigation.

The goal? Add clarity and brevity to the fading memories of the ghost in question to streamline and shortcut the investigation into the unexplained deaths of urgent care clinic patients in Houston. The ghost was having trouble recalling and articulating the specifics of her demise.

You have a shot at pulling this off, if your team consists of the following:

  • A teenage medium with a bad attitude [Nell]
  • An inked-up, wired-in technomancer [Marvel]
  • A rational magi with a penchant for yarn-bombing [Melina]
  • A semi-corporeal geist who’s not sure why she’s still here (not the one being digitized!) [Bridget]
  • An avatar who embodies Nature’s vengeance for industrial misbehavior [Turquoise]

The procedure goes something like this:

  1. The medium opens a conduit to the somewhat reluctant ghost.
  2. The geist explains to the rational magi how best to act as an integration and translation point for the medium and the technomancer.
  3. The avatar holds the technomancer down while she endures the pain of transcoding into digital form the lifetime of the ghost’s experiences as they pour through her body.

Poof! New file on the hard rive and no more ghost.

Next step? Open the file and find out who killed the ghost, right?

Marvel (the technomancer) had the audacity to look shocked when she and everyone else connected with this was forced to relive the moments leading up to Cindy’s (the ghost) death. Marvel played the part of Cindy, and everyone else got to be either the shadowy-faced villains or people that caused their attempt to harvest Cindy’s soul to fail.

The ongoing campaign In Death We Trust continues next week. . .

Stay tuned!