Dead tree versions of Modernity (Fate Edition) now on Amazon

For those of you waiting for a dead tree copy, wait no longer. Amazon will print them on demand for you! Grayscale Art Version Full Color Art Version The full color version is a wee bit more expensive than the one with grayscale art, but that can’t be helped. =) If Thanksgiving was a thing[…]

"Every Friday is Black and Every Day is Friday" Sale (and announcing Elemental Mysteries in December)

If you’re the sort who likes a little more black in your day, either the Darkness beyond the veil or the darkness of interstellar space, we have the sale for you! During our “Every Day is Black and Every Day is Friday” Sale, you can acquire for yourself (or give as a gift!) anything in[…]

Pay What You Want: Modernity (Fate Edition) Coordinator’s Toolkit

Today I’m happy to share with you Modernity coordinators a dozen pages of tools that will help you terrify (and satisfy) your players. This pay-what-you-want product is an interactive PDF designed for use by coordinators with the Modernity (Fate Edition) RPG. The PDF has two modes: a printable version and an electronic game tracking version[…]

Dear Parents/Teachers, you were wrong!

I love my parents dearly. However, I am going to issue a HUGE nyah-nyah in their general direction today. Along with all those teachers who told me to stop daydreaming. Science says you were WRONG! Heh. Daydreaming while working on complex mental tasks may not be such a crime; a new study suggests it can[…]

Talk to Yourself (Public Speaking Workshop)

Not strictly game related, but I taught a workshop on public speaking this past weekend about why using dialog in a speech is desirable for many reasons. If you’re a Toastmaster or interested in public speaking, you might find it useful. Slides are fine as a reference for experienced speakers, but without the hour of[…]

Merry birthday to me (and you) sale!

I thought I would get you to celebrate today by giving you a 43% discount on Modernity, but I’ve decided not to be stingy. Rounding up to 50% (despite still being years away from 50!), I’m thrilled to announce a $9.99 sale on Modernity from now through Sunday. It’ll be like it’s my birthday all[…]

In Death We Trust, Part 1 (#Modernity #Fate)

New-to-Fate players make Modernity games awesome and fun to run! I had the pleasure of introducing a new table of players to the system tonight, and they’ve come up with a fantastic game for themselves to play. All their ideas. There is a rift in the veil widening in Houston. There is a burgeoning necromancer[…]