Updated Modernity playtest release schedule and Salomé

Meet Salomé, Sacerdotisa de La Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte. Priestess of Our Lady of the Holy Death. She is one of the denizens of Modernity and will grace the back cover of the core game book. She may also feature prominently in a series of upcoming Modernity novels… The next and final playtest[…]

Time for remedial English?

Egad! I can only correct so many hundreds of proposed edits to Modernity before I start to discern a pattern. It isn’t simply that I do not live and breath the Chicago Manual of Style (any edition), it’s that I apparently have no fundamental understanding of a few basic English concepts. Based on the copious[…]

Making concessions to the inevitable

Despite building slack into the Modernity production schedule, life happens. When a family member contracts a catastrophic illness, our priorities get rearranged. With my partner in life and in business out of town caring for a family member with cancer, I have to concede that being Mr. Mom has cut more deeply into my art[…]

Setting Modernity to music

As an author, I’ve become a huge fan of ambient music (or electronica or industrial or whatever the genre calls itself these days), that I’ve engaged a musical production partner, Ausgrave Royalty, to create a collection of tracks that we’re tentatively calling “Modernity’s Dark Moods”. Ambient tracks make the perfect accompaniment for a game because[…]

Hope in the face of tragedy?

A good friend of mine just made the world a little better place. Deb Ferguson has been working on this contemporary tale of one teenager’s struggle with overwhelming issues, and what she learns about the larger world outside her own misery. It helps us all to look outside our own four mental walls (and outside[…]