I can’t even, either.

Clive Thomson driveled something on the internet today: It must be said: Lovecraft is not a great literary stylist. His prose is good, but not great. The one exception? This linguistic subgenre—the craft of finding new ways to say that he can’t say something. When Lovecraft does describe a monster straightforwardly, he often stumbles, defaulting[…]

Still seems a little process heavy to me, but…

If you’re going to systematize something, you could find worse principles to codify. Good stuff! Holacracy would rather govern through forgiveness than permission. Zappos just abolished bosses. Inside tech’s latest management craze. – Vox I’ve always intended to work this way as Glacier Peak grows. As we begin hiring staff, I guess I’d better be[…]

Modernity: What’s the lesson?

A couple of you in the early access playtest community have looked at the Glacier Peak motto “Better games make better people.” and our mission, and asked me how that is reflected in the most current tabletop game project, a contemporary occult noir affair. Fair question. Glad you asked! On the surface, the premise of[…]

Merry Video Games Day!

Having two “official” holidays to celebrate video games is awesome. We’ll do this again on September 12th, just for fun. Here’s what I’ve been playing lately:        Watch_Dogs has taken a little more getting used to than I expected, and a little more suspension of disbelief on my part (probably because I’ve been building software[…]