A small Memorial Day thank you.

Not Free - Thank You - Memorial Day

For the debt we can never repay to those who have paid it for us… Thank you.

In honor of those who sacrificed all their tomorrows so that we can live ours in freedom, we have extended our giveaway of the ebook version of No Tomorrow for today, Memorial Day 2014.


Special gratitude to the photographers who shared their excellent work with us under Creative Commons. Thank you.

American Flag Night © 2007 PallyBoy33

Arlington National Cemetery © 2008 David Cameron

Award-Winning Authors

We can now say that we have 3 award-winning authors on staff! =) We are honored to receive the eLit Book Awards 2014 Gold Medal for Short Story Fiction.

Short Story Fiction

Gold: No Tomorrow: Postcards From the End / Alia Reed, Suleiman Reed, and David Reed
Silver: A Walking Adventure to Mt Bartle Fere / Warren Doyle
Bronze: Death of a Spaceman / Sonny Wareham


eLit Book Awards 2014

Congratulations to all the eLit participants this year. There was a HUGE amount of great work submitted. Fabulous fiction all around!

In recognition of this award, we’re offering the ebook for free this weekend (Saturday 24 May and Sunday 25 May 2014) and updating the book with an updated cover and some minor edits that we’ve accumulated since it was published on “Mayan Doomsday”.

Our own little publishing milestone aside, Alia described Friday 21 December 2012 best:

“For THE END OF THE WORLD, it was a major disappointment.”

Don’t forget to snag your free ebook this weekend!

No Tomorrow Cover v2 with eLit Gold Medal

Soundtracks for your Modernity game.

I’ve had an ear out for amazing soundtracks that are just instrumentals for use in tabletop roleplaying games for years. Most of the time, I’ve had to build custom playlists or pick soundtracks from movies that don’t have big name rock stars headlining their soundtrack (which usually means vocals that will interrupt the game). Another good source has been video game soundtracks.

However, the problem with soundtracks from movies, TV shows, and video games is that they cover the entire story arc and the whole emotional curve from apex to antapex, zenith to nadir. I’ve found that often the trumpet fanfare of an upbeat piece will come at EXACTLY the wrong time in the game.

There was a humorous moment, though, when the Mel Gibson screamed “Freedom!!!” on the Braveheart soundtrack at precisely the right moment in a D&D game. It usually doesn’t work out that way, though. You pays your money, you takes your chances.

How to solve that problem with minimal effort and still have fabulous ambiance music for a dark game of contemporary occult noir, you ask? Simplicity itself. Midnight Syndicate to the rescue!

These amazing albums (use another word if album makes you feel old) are chock full of great mood music that’s dark, energetic, and mysterious.

Product Details Product Details Product Details

Product Details Product Details Product Details 

They have provided me much inspiration and motivation as I’ve been writing the novels in The Seraphim Conspiracy and the Modernity Roleplaying Game. Thank you, Midnight Syndicate!

There are more, but those are ones I’ve listened to and use for game purposes. I’ll post more RPG soundtrack options in the future.

Got a story to share? Get Storium.

It’s still in beta, but I backed it because it’s awesome. I’m playing in a couple games and narrating a couple already. The system is a great way to keep the creativity flowing (i.e. wasting time having fun when you should be working on publishing something after you’ve already missed a deadline or two). Heh. Back this online storytelling game on Kickstarter.


It’s pretty much rules agnostic, and the crew is actively working on it and releasing features as they go.

I only wish I’d thought of it first!!