We used to get hate mail like this all the time.

In case you hadn’t noticed… We’ve moved. To Tejas.

However, when we used to call the Seattle area home, we got letters like this from Puget Sound Energy (PSE) about every month.

Volt Hunters

As near as we could figure, all of our neighbors were either retired couples who lived in Hawaii half the year or yuppies who were always at work. As a family of five, who homeschooled all three kids, the power meter apparently was constantly hovering a couple feet above the ground, ready for takeoff.

We’re pretty sure that several acres of trees were killed by PSE every year just to make us feel bad about our energy consumption.

Here in San Antonio, CPS Energy sends us thank you letters and fruit baskets.

(Mostly kidding.)

Go figure.

The end is nigh!

We’ve locked in the publication date for the Modernity roleplaying game for both print and digital editions.

Halloween 2014

We’re excited to be so close to shipping our first Fate-based RPG, with many more to follow! We’ll begin accepting preorders online in about a week starting at ChimaeraCon. There will be a special price available to attendees at the convention.

The first two installments of The Walk-In Conspiracy are nearly content-complete as well. We will be announcing the timeline for publication of all 12 episodes of the series at ChimaeraCon. If you’re not already registered, you need to go down to Dragon’s Lair in San Antonio and buy your ticket in person.

If you want a preview of Modernity, I’ll be running Into the Wolves’ Den, Episode 1 of The Walk-In Conspiracy, three times at ChimaeraCon (one each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Our playtesters have helped us evolve the scenario something that I’m really proud of.

Fight the inevitable!

My life in comics.

In the ongoing saga of my life starring in Scott Adam’s imagination… (At the day job, not here at Glacier Peak! Smile with tongue out)

I’ve had this annual review once upon a time, about three years ago. Not fun.

The Official Dilbert Website featuring Scott Adams Dilbert strips, animations and more

I’ve since been MUCH more careful about choosing my managers.

Choosing the right job? Important.

Choosing the right manager? Crucial!

Not having this kind of annual review conversation? Priceless.

This exact experience is the reason why we have adopted a minimalist Employee Handbook™ and a No Annual Review™ process at Glacier Peak. We briefly considered following Nordstrom’s example, but in the end we decided that Nordstrom’s old 75-word employee handbook was too long.

Ours easily fits on the back of a business card: Always do the right thing. If you can defend your actions as an employee of Glacier Peak as “always doing the right thing”, for our customers, for Glacier Peak, for your team, for you, we’ll never have a problem.

And we’ll never have annual reviews.

Winking smile

We’ll be taking preorders @ ChimaeraCon!

I’m very excited that Glacier Peak is a platinum sponsor of ChimaeraCon this year. We’ll be on the back page of the program guide.


We’ll be selling the print version of No Tomorrow for only $5 (half off the Amazon cover price) and taking pre-orders for the Modernity RPG which will ship later this year.

Hope to see y’all there!