Artists and programmers can communicate? With each other?

This sounds stranger than fiction…

From the “You can’t make this stuff up” file…

This month IGDA Seattle welcomes speakers Dave McCoy and Vic Bonilla to speak about the benefits of effective communication between artists and programmers on your team while developing your project. Come listen to these industry veterans, and meet other fellow local developers.

Networking and Refreshments provided by Amazon

Presentation: 7:00 pm

Followed by Q&A and mingling

Dave McCoy – Creative Consultant for Harebrained Schemes

Dave has been making games for 26 years. He has worked as an artist, art director, technical art director, designer, creative director, producer and studio executive. He was a member of the Xbox Advanced Technology Group and the ship team for the original Xbox and the 360. He has provided creative and technical guidance on more than 80 titles on various platforms as well as prototype and incubation projects for Microsoft, a Disney theme park attraction, and the computer graphics for a television show. He was a co-founder of Hidden Path Entertainment which developed the Defense Grid franchise, Age of Empires HD, and Counterstrike Global Offensive. He has written print and online articles and has been a speaker at various worldwide game conferences regarding graphics techniques and game production. He is a creative consultant for Hare Brained Schemes – an independent studio that is about to ship Shadowrun Returns and some other cool stuff he can’t talk about – yet.

Vic Bonilla – Art Director for Boldman Creative Group

Vic is a 21 year veteran of the games and entertainment industry and has shipped over 16 electronic titles including the worlds first Alternate Reality Game from Microsoft and Dreamworks. He has also worked on various table top games and books and art directed the MechWarrior CMG franchise. Vic specializes in managing artists/art assets, team building, hard surface modeling, textures, and logo design. As Art Director for Boldman Creative Group, Vic is helping create new intellectual properties and assisting indie clients on creating and managing custom art assets. On his free time he is an avid photographer and graphic artist and has recently finished two book covers for upcoming young adult novels.