A funny thing happened during production…

A couple weeks ago, I just happened to be in another Toastmasters speech contest.

And won.

The 2013 District 2 International Speech Contest! (The little trophy is mine to keep; the big trophy I have to give back next year. =)

It was a ton of fun, but winning has radically altered my work-life-moonlight-hustle balance…

Because now I am preparing for the World Championship of Public Speaking Semifinals!

The World Championship is in Cincinnati this year.

On Thursday 22 August, I will deliver my speech, “Give Your Gift”, one more time for the Semifinals…

God-willing, I will deliver an entirely new speech, “Live Forever”, at the Finals on Saturday 24 August.

Consider coming to Cincinnati to watch! It’s going to be a great show!!

(Yes, I will post the second session of the Gold Team playtest audio soon! =)

That’s My Story, and I’m Stickin’ to It

I finally found a blogger who’s been less reliable at posting than I am!

Also, a very amusing web comic (to me). I’ve only gone back to read a few comics’ archives from the very beginning. Just a few. Honest!

As I develop my own artistic style, I find myself drawn back toward the Judge Nerd comic project… Look, a squirrel!1!

Must. Resist. Temptation.

Focus. On. Modernity!