I had a phone conversation with another startup CEO this afternoon that reminded me of the importance of energy and passion when we’re chasing a dream, especially in the the throes of the first half of the grunt work. I guess that I crunched a little too much over the weekend, and kind of ran out of steam…

As I bang on the various components that will (soon!) become the product line known as Terrorland, it was great to chat with somebody else in another company, in an entirely different line if business, and be reminded to focus on why I’m doing this, and be reminded that there’s no such thing as too much excitement!


Thanks, Michel. =)

Unboxing OUYA!

I have been cranking away on another project. Leaving the “mystery” box from OUYA sitting under the end table in the living room has been killing me!

But last night, I broke down and unwrapped it.

You’re welcome, OUYA, for our believing.

The out of box experience was pretty good. For a dev kit, it was amazing.

I was expecting to be alpha quality hardware and packaging, but what I got was good enough for retail. Nice!

OMG! It’s so tiny!! All that amazing stuff folded up inside a teensy clear plastic console that’s only 10% the size of my Xbox 360?

Plugging it in at that point was just frosting. But it had to be done.

The Ethernet and Wi-Fi setup was cake. Downloading the latest firmware wasn’t automatic, but it happened without a hitch. All the right placeholders are there, wrapped in a very nice user experience.

The warning label says not ready for gamers, but I disagree! The only thing it’s missing is my game. Heh.

Build Zero of Sooper Seekret Projekt will be deployed inmediatamente!!