It’s in Amazon’s hands now…

We cut it a lot closer to our deadline that I like, but I imagine that’s not unusual for a multi-contributor book (even if all the contributors live under the same roof). Heh.

The SLA for Kindle Direct Publishing is 12 hours for English, so we’ll see where we are tomorrow. The Kindle Select deal seems pretty reasonable for a 90 exclusivity, so we collectively decided to take it. In the meantime, we’ll look into what’s required for B&N and the iBookstore.

For now, feel free to drool over the book cover:

No Tomorrow Cover v2 with editor

We’ll link it up tomorrow when it’s available for sale.

Edit: No Tomorrow is now available on the Kindle.

Pivot Time

I’ve been “dark” much longer than planned, but we’re still plugging along undaunted! August doesn’t seem that long ago… We are still definitely on track for the OUYA launch next year. The dev consoles are “in the mail”. They might be here in time for Mayan Doomsday. Woohoo! That’s the “time” part of this post.

In the meantime, we’ve added a couple people to the staff to work on another project. The “pivot” part of this post is adjusting our motto. My two oldest children convinced me that we can do more than just make games to make better people. We have pivoted to include entertainment of all kinds produced by Glacier Peak. We’d always aspired to include old-school paper-and-pencil roleplaying games, novels and animated video content, so I guess we’re just making that official.

To that end, Glacier Peak will be publishing its first product in the form of a book on Mayan Doomsday. The book is a collection of short stories by the three of us (Alia, Suleiman and David) all inspired by the same title. Many of these stories will foreshadow games and other entertainment coming soon from Glacier Peak.

Watch for the book “No Tomorrow” at Amazon (and eventually iTunes) on Friday 21 December 2012!!