Amusing, but accurate, code quality metric

In a code review, the lower the number of WTFs/minute is as good a metric as any other. The highlighting in the quote below is mine. Which appears facetious at first, but perhaps hints at a deeper truth: high quality code should not surprise us; we should be able to quickly and easily discern the[…]

Awesome is better than more.

I have to agree… Awesome is better than more. No matter, says Casey Willis, an avid gamer from Atlanta. "Make a game worth my time and money, and I’ll be happy. After all, 10 hours of awesome is better than 20 hours of boring." Why most people don’t finish video games – My observation[…]

Polishing period?

Always keeping my eye out to try to ascertain what distinguishes the studios that continuously deliver on their brand promise, I found this little nugget at the bottom of an article that was about something else entirely. Capps revealed that this polish period is still prevalent in the company today. "Gears of War 3 was[…]