What do you expect?

This is an amazing observation and the number one thing that far too many people overlook. Whether you’re a dev, a creative, a producer or an investor… you know more about the product than your customers will on launch day. Do not assume that that they expect the same thing out of a product that you have in producing it. They won’t. Guaranteed.

When people’s expectations don’t match the reality of a product, disappointment almost inevitably sets in regardless of the quality therein. You could have the best orange in the world – it still makes for a crummy apple.

Gamasutra: Robert Boyd’s Blog – Guiding Gamer Expectations

I’ve personally bought full price games that I really wanted to like and HATED them because they lied to me on the box and in the other marketing. Lots of other people loved the same game because they knew what they were getting into. If I’d’ve known that’s what it was, I would’ve avoided it in the first place. They got my money, but they’ll get no word-of-mouth recommendation or repeat business from me, no matter what they do.

If you want to be in business for more than one title… make sure your customers get what they expect!

Better than expected might be the level of quality that’s necessary to succeed.

Of course, once that becomes the standard, the expectation is reset.

A paradox of expectations, Seth Godin