Where did the first quarter go?!

Last time I looked up, we had an ambitious plan for the first quarter of 2011…

Hrm. I’ve learned some important lessons as 1Q11 flew by. The most important of those lessons is that we need a new plan. Heh. Also, I’ve [re]learned that it’s important to have flexible goals and flexible priorities. More on that in the coming days/weeks/months/years.

One of my “plans” that I have been keeping up with (unlike blogging) has been reading what other people have to say on the subject of training and hiring. I like what Peter has to say in this post:

I think many skills can be learned outside of school and the quality of a programmer has more to do with determination and time spent practicing their trade every day and spending time constantly learning. Sometimes education is a crutch that people know they can fall on and they become lazy. Whereas those who don’t have that degree are incentivized to spend much more time and effort honing their trade which can make them better in the long run. I see these two situations happen all the time.

Self-Taught Programmers vs CS-Educated Programmers – Adventures in Entrepreneurship

Wish I would’ve read that post in January…