Heads down, heads up?

It’s the end of week one of my “vacation”. Samia convinced me that instead of dragging the family on an unplanned road trip (the best kind!) for three weeks that I should instead take a practice run at being self-employed (again) – if I’m serious about making Glacier Peak a fulltime daylight gig some time in the next 463 days… Apparently writing the next number in the countdown on the bathroom mirror every morning isn’t enough. It’s not the first time she’s called my bluff. Heh.

After almost 20 years of being married to a wonderful career coach and business partner, I’ve learned that taking her advice is usually the wisest course of action. Every time I don’t, it winds up costing me money, blood, sweat and tears. But, I shan’t digress into my recent Toastmasters speech on the subject, but suffice to say, I’ve learnt my lesson.

I feel pretty good about the progress that I’ve made on the current project. (Sorry, no spoilers to share yet!) It feels pretty good to shut the [home] office door, fire up the tool chain and plug away at specific tasks when I haven’t already spent eight to 12 hours at the day job and then survived a krav maga training session. (A after year post-motorcycle misadventure surgery, the surgeon gave me the green light to get back on the sparring mat this month. He says that he’ll be ready when I show up with my next injury. What a cynic! Yes, my attention deficit disorder is very evident today.)

However, in order to validate my current business plan, I’m going to have to start keeping closer track of how much time each of the components take at a more granular level. The more that I practice, the better I get at modeling, painting, sound design, game logic scripting and level building, and the faster that I get at producing great output, but I really need to validate the pre-production, production and post-production time costs for the various assets in order to prove out the creative velocity that we’ll need to achieve the business plan’s predictions for success. Hrm.

In other news, I’m pretty excited to see that Autodesk dropped some PhysX support into 3ds Max with the most recent Subscription Advantage Pack. I plan to give it a work out next week and see how much time it can save me…